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21 March, 2014 (iOS), 7 August, 2014 (Android)

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Squirrel & Bär is an adventure game for 3-9-year-old kids to learn English as a foreign language on mobile phones and tablets. Join Squirrel & Bär on a journey to save the bees, seeking for a magic flower. Starting in the forest, the players have 22 levels to beat. Passing through five different worlds various animals are there to help the players out. At the end the lynx awaits the players, but she only speaks English! Good, that Squirrel & Bär did accquire the neccessary words and sentences to ask the lynx for help!


Save the bees!

The bees are sick. And that is why there will be no honey and no more nuts pretty soon. Oh no! But wait: Squirrel and Bär will help you solve the problem. Find the lynx and the magic flower she guards – far, far away in in the mountains. It is up to you to help the two friends conquer a lot of adventures inside the woods, the city and up in the mountains. Starting from German the players get to know more and more English vocabulary while strolling along. More than 900 English expressions are part of the game, carefully chosen concerning the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. „You can start playing without prior knowledge of a foreign language“, says Game Designer Linda Kruse. The game was carefully tested over and over again with a group of kids aged two to nine and their parents.


  • a true adventure story
  • highly recommended by the German Youth Institute
  • hours of game play for kids from 3 to 9 years and their parents
  • a playful interactive approach towards the english language
  • without adds, in-app purchases and user data requests
  • full voice recording with native speakers in studio quality
  • 22 replayable chapters with two levels of difficulty
  • included in the game are 900 english words
  • ten lovely ainmated characters
  • leading kids app blogs declare us as a "must have"


Squirrel & Bär - launch trailer (DE) YouTube

Squirrel & Bär - feature trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (29MB)

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Comenius EduMedia Seal" - Squirrel & Bär / Die Bienenretter - for outstanding educational media 2018
  • "Best Kidsgame" - Squirrel & Bär: Nomination German Computer Game Award 2015
  • "Best Kidsgame" - Squirrel & Bär: German Developer Award 2014
  • "Special Award Kindergarten and Pre-School" - Squirrel & Bär: Tommi Kids Software Award 2014
  • "Best Learningprogramm Foreign Languages" - Squirrel & Bär: GIGA-Maus 2014
  • "Pädi 2014" - Squirrel & Bär: Pädi 2014 - pedagogical Interactive Award
  • "Golden Bee for outstanding Kids Apps" BesteKinderApps.de
  • "Awards for exemplary digital educational media" Comenius-EduMedia-Awards 2018

About the Good Evil GmbH

The Good Evil GmbH is an Indie Game Studio based in Cologne, Germany. We design and develop games to make the world a better place!

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Squirrel & Bär Credits

Linda Kruse
Idea & Game Design

Guido Lorenz
Lead Development & Scripting (Original Version)

Ulla Schmidt
Illustration, 2D-Art & Animation

Rolf Lammers & Jonas Schweitzer-Faust
Theme Song

Sebastian Freudenberg & Achim Fell
Voice Recording & Mastering

Jonas Schweitzer-Faust, Marlis Schaum, Neil King, Till Haase, Sue Bonney-Cox, Samantha Early, André Leslie, Gabriel Borrud, Andy Valvur, Saroja Coelho, Linda Kruse.
Voice Actors

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