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Masters of Malfunction is a playful mixed-reality learning application with digital language assistance for education in wind energy technology (MARLA)


In the planned project, the potential of innovative interfaces of mixed-reality technologies, digital language assistance and serious games for practical use in industrial-technical training will be demonstrated using the example of wind energy technology. For the occupational fields of electrical and metal engineering, a mixed-reality learning application with XR-HMDs will be developed and tested, which playfully implements the principle of "learning through troubleshooting and analysis" and pursues the competence of "analyzing and testing errors in systems". The target groups of the project are primarily trainees and trainers in initial vocational training for the professions of electronic and mechatronic technician. The central question will be answered as to what methodological-didactic added value the innovative implementation of an MR learning application in training in the field of wind energy technology (as a game including language assistance) has compared to conventional methods.

Mixed-reality learning applications offer the advantage that trainees are not exposed to the weather-related and diverse mechanical and electrical hazards as well as hazards caused by hazardous substances when repairing a wind turbine at sea or on land, but can try out their skills in a protected space. At the same time, high costs are avoided, which would be incurred by triggering a fault in an intact wind turbine for testing.



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